Sunday, November 18, 2012

At the CAA

In February, Sherin Guirguis curated me into this show at the Bonadventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles in conjunction with the College Art Association Conference. I made this banner in 2009 while thinking through "Mission Accomplished" which (from wikipedia) 'refers to a banner titled "Mission Accomplished" that was displayed on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln during a televised address by United States President George W. Bush on May 1, 2003 and the controversy that followed.' My banner is an anagram of that phrase, made into a nonsense language that indicates the spectacle, violence and deception of the original. 

I had felt bad for not hanging something more current- both as an object and as a political sentiment. However, the  recent eviction of Occupy Los Angeles from City Hall breathed new interpretation into this piece and the banner hung for exactly two hours before the corporate office was notified and the banner was removed. I took that and my $800 honorarium as a total compliment!

Sherin is such a fantastic artist and human- being regarded by her was also it's own joyful reward.

Summercamp BBQ

Summercamp is a curatorial project by Fatima Hoang, Elonda Billera Norris & Janice Gomez. For several summers, they have turned their lovely rolling backyard into an exhibition space. Last year, I did a pickling demonstration with them. It was super fun, with art types and neighbors coming together to make pickles! They are warm, engaged practitioners and I was honored to be asked to participate in their fall residency at Side Street Projects in Pasadena.

They asked Steven Bankhead and me to collaborate for their kick off night in late August. Steve is an artist-cook who does a delicious project called mEAT. For our night with Summercamp, he barbequed 70 pounds of pork butt for 12 hours. Woah, very good. (Later Seal and I went to a work shop he led about different regional barbeque sauces which was also fantastic.) Full Moon provided classic southern sides, sweet tea, okra and bread and butter pickles.

Fatima tries it out

All the good people!

A dog can dream!
We asked that folks bring flowers from their neighborhood in exchange for a plate. It was a lovely situation.

Of course, this song by the Godfather of the Go-Go, Chuck Brown (who passed earlier this year) was my mental sound track all night.

If You Don't Work, You Can't Eat

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Excerpt of a New Banner

11/5/11 - Darin Klein & Friends Present: Box of Books, Vol IV Release Party

11/5/11 - Darin Klein & Friends Present: Box of Books, Vol IV Release Party

11/5/11 - Darin Klein & Friends Present: Box of Books, Vol IV Release Party

An excerpt on view for the occasion of Darin Klein's & Friends: Box of Books, Vol IV Release Party at Human Resources, November 5, 2011.

Good people! There has been so much cookng for Hollywood lately! I literally finished this one hour before the show opened! A whirlwind tour, a whirlwind banner!

Friday, October 7, 2011

'Twas the Art Fair

Commonwealth and Council's beautiful booth at PULSE.
Demolition Woman: Preview
Kelly Cline, Margaret Honda and me
Payback is a Bitch, detail

Geoff Tuck's Notes

My roommate Molly Larkey had an excellent program of informal artist talks at her Statler Waldorf booth at CO/LAB Platform Fair. My talk was on the Discursive Pickle. I had been under the weather and did not feel particularly interesting that day. But I was smart enough to bring pickles and jam with some bread and butter. A few of us sat around and talked about pickles and cultivating quality of time. I was warmed to see Geoff Tuck's notes.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Will you take me as I am?

Despite it's invocation of a Sunset Pig and the glamorous concerns of a seventies
folk icon, 
this song always reminds of 
dusty chaparral, 
live oak lined canyons, 
sea-scape vistas
and this earth beneath my feet, 
holding me,
holding us.